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Craig, William The Fall of Japan.. Penguin 1979. 368 pages. Paperback. (#68716)100:-
De Mente, Boye How Business is Done in Japan.. A Personal View. Simpson-Doyle 1963. 192 pages. Original cloth. Dust jacket. (#93869)140:-
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Forest Soils of Japan.. Government Forest Experiment Station, Report 1-4. March, 1951 - April 1954. 243 + 122 + 119 + 116 pages + 76 + 4 plates and 15 maps. Soft covers. 7 volumes. Stamped. Text in Japanese. More published? (#137868)500:-
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Grew, Joseph C. 10 år i Japan.. En samtida skildring grundad på dagboksanteckningar samt privata och officiella handlingar. Stockholm 1945. 873 sidor. Häftad. (#158319)150:-
Griffis, William Elliot Verbeck of Japan.. A Citizen of No Country. A Life of Foundation Work Inaugurated by Guido Fridolin Verbeck. New York 1900. 376 pages. Original decorated cloth. Stamped. (#118134)500:-
Guillain, Robert Japan, den tredje stormakten.. Sthlm 1970. 224 sidor. Pocket. Lite blyertsunderstrykningar. (#117671)100:-
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Hamrin, Tina Dansreligionen i japansk immigrantmiljö på Hawai'i.. Via helbrägdagörare och Jodo shinshu-präster till nationalistisk millennarism. Aa Sthlm 1996. 312 sidor. Lite skadat ex. (#46309)125:-
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Japanische Farbholzschnitte des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts. Woldemar Klein Verlag, Baden-Baden 1954. 4 pages text and 12 coloured plates in original portfolio. Printed in 500 copies. Wood-cuts by Kitagawa Utamaro, Isoda Korgusai, Hisoda Eishi, Ando Hiroshige, Kuninao, Utagawa Toyokuni, Zuzuku Haunobu. (#199265)500:-
Japan Quarterly VII-XXXII.. Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo. Volume VII, 1960 - vol. XXXII, 1985 (exept XXXI:1) 4 numbers per volume. 103 volumes, in printed wrapper. Very fine. (#178484)4500:-
Japan skildradt af japaner.. Sthlm 1904. XVI, 516 sidor. Original klotband. (#43643)200:-
Japansk lyrik.. För tusen år sedan. Fritt tolkad av Lars Englund. Andra, utökade upplagan. Sthlm 1958. 70 sidor. Original pappband. (#141260)100:-
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Lindeberg, G.W. Protestantismen i Japan 1859-1913.. Historisk-principiell undersökning. Lund 1918. 246 sidor. Häftad. Interfolierad. (#175425)150:-
Lindeberg, G.W. Protestantismen i Japan 1859-1913.. Historisk-principiell undersökning. Lund 1918. 246 sidor. Häftad. Limförstärkt rygg. (#63316)150:-
Lindeberg, G.W. Protestantismen i Japan 1859-1913.. Historisk-principiell undersökning. Lund 1918. 246 sidor. Häftad. Stämplad. (#157796)150:-
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Marshall, Byron K. Capitalism and Nationalism in Prewar Japan.. The Ideology of the Business Elite, 1868-1941. Stanford 1967. 163 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket. Underlinings in ink. (#165506)140:-
Matida, Kasyo Odori.. (Japanese Dance). Illustrated. Tourist Library, Tokyo 1938. 72 pages. Soft covers. (#94480)135:-
Matsuoka, Asa Labor Conditions of Women and Children in Japan.. Diss. New York 1931. XII, 101 pages. Softcover. Stamped. (#77949)260:-
Morimoto, Kokichi The Standard of Living in Japan.. Diss. Baltimore 1918. 147 pages. Softcover. Stamped. (#89123)150:-
Morris, John Dagbok från Tokyo.. Stockholm 1945. 176 sidor + planscher. Häftad. (#158318)150:-
Murata, Kiyoaki Japan's New Buddhism.. An Objective Account of Soka Gakkai. Tokyo 1969. 194 pages + plates. Original cloth in dustjacket. (#148927)150:-
Müller, Gunnar Förste svensken i Japan.. Han som miste Formosa. Illustr. Andra upplagan. Sthlm 1963. 200 sidor. Original klotryggsband. Fredrik Coyet. (#53940)175:-
Nakarai, Toyozo W. A Study of the Impact of Buddhism Upon Japanese Life as Revealed in the Odes of the Kokin-shu.. Diss. Indianapolis 1931. 130 pages. Softcover. Stamped. (#77844)200:-
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Robinson, B.W. Kuniyoshi.. Illustrated. Victoria and Albert Museum, London 1961. xvi,71 pages + 98 plates. Original cloth. Dust jacket. (#200197)250:- (bild)
Rose-Innes, Arthur Vocabulary of Common Japanese Words.. New Haven 1945. 161 pages. Softcover. (#108325)100:-
Rossander, Olle Japanskt ledarskap.. Harmoni och hot. SvD 1992. 176 sidor. Pocket. (#118573)100:-
Russell of Liverpool, Lord The Knights of Bushido. A Short History of Japanese War Games.. Illustrated. London 1958. 335 pages + plates. Original cloth. No jacket. (#199789)200:-
Saito, Hisho Japans historia.. Översättning från tyska originalet. Illustrerad. Sthlm 1912. viii, 192 sidor. Klotband. (#129331)160:-
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Takizawa, Matsuyo The Penetration of Money Economy in Japan. and Its Effects upon Social and Political Institutions. Diss. New York 1927. 159 pages. Softcover. Stamped. (#78314)250:-
The Japan Annual 1954.. Tokyo 1954. 560 pages. Original cloth. (#149128)150:-
The Penguin Book of Japanese Verse.. Translated with an introduction by Geoffrey Bownas and Anthony Twithe. Penguin 1970. 244 pages. Paperback. (#132350)100:-
The Shoshin Ge.. The Gatha of True Faith in the Nembutsu. Translated and annotated under the direction of Daien Fugen. Kyoto 1966. 75 pages. Softcover in dustjacket. Ryukoku Translation Series I. (#45860)150:-
The Sociology of Japanese Religion.. Edited by Kiyomi Morioka and William H. Newell. Leiden 1968. 145 pages + folding table. Original cloth in dustjacket. Stamped. (#118096)200:-
Thomsen, Harry The New Religions of Japan.. Tokyo 1963. 269 pages + plates. Original cloth in dustjacket. (#148925)150:-
Tsuru, Shigeto Japan's Capitalism:. Creativity Defeat and Beyond. Cambridge 1993. 277 pages. Hard covers. Dustjacket. Pencil underlinings. (#51282)165:-
Turnbull, Stephen R. The Book of the Samurai, the Warrior Class of Japan.. Illustrerad. London 1982. 192 sidor. Stort format. Förlagsband med skyddsomslag. Lite kaffefläckar på snittet. (#191470)150:-
Wildes, Harry Emerson Typhon in Tokyo.. The Occupation and Its Aftermath. New York 1954. 356 pages. Original cloth with dustjacket. (#149120)150:-
Willman, Olof Eriksson En kort beskrivning på en resa till Ostindien och Japan. den en svensk man och skeppskapiten, Olof Eriksson Willman benämnd, gjort haver ånyo utgiven av Michaelisgillet med redigering och kommentarer av John Bernström och Tore Wretö. Illustr. Sthlm 1992. 126 sidor. Original klotryggsband. (#70698)150:-
Vogel, Ezra F. Japan as Number One.. Lessons for America. Tokyo 1980. 272 pages. Paperback. (#93847)100:-
Woronoff, Jon Japan: The Coming Economic Crisis.. Tokyo 1981. 316 pages. Paperback. (#93955)100:-
Woronoff, Jon Japan: The Coming Social Crisis.. Tokyo 1981. 369 pages. Paperback. (#93957)100:-
Yoshida, Shigeru Japan's Decisive Century 1867-1967.. New York 1967. 110 pages + plates. Original cloth. Dust jacket. (#95088)150:-
Zimmerman, Anthony F. "Overpopulation".. A Study of Papal Teachings on the Problem, With Special Reference to Japan. Diss. Washington 1957. XV, 327 pages. Softcover. Stamped. (#130453)150:-

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