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A Celtic Miscellany.. Translations from the Celtic Literatures [by] Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson. Penguin 1971. 343 pages. Paperback. (#66775)120:-
An Inventory of the Ancient and Historical Monuments of the City of Edinburgh.. With the Thirteenth Report of the Commission (The Royal Commission on the Ancient Monuments of Scotland). Illustr. Edinburgh 1951. LXXVIII, 289 pages + plates. 4:o. Original cloth. (#158166)400:-
Barrow, G.W.S. Kingship and Unity. Scotland 1000-1306. London 1981. vi, 185 pages. Paperback. The New History of Scotland 2. (#220573)100:-
Barrow, G.W.S. Robert Bruce and the Community of the Realm of Scotland. Illustrated. Edinburgh 1976. xx, 502 pages + plates. Pocket. (#216432)100:-
Burns, Robert Poems,. Chiefly in the Scottish dialect. Kilmarnock, John Wilson, 1886. 240 pages. Original paper binding, spine worn. Printed in 120 numbered copies. Centenary reprint and fac-simile of the original Kilmarnock edition. (#110335)900:-
Dickinson, W. Croft Scotland from the Earliest Times to 1603.. Third edition, revised and edited by Archibald A.M. Duncan. Oxford 1977. xii, 442 pages. Soft covers. (#143616)150:-
Fraser, Antonia Mary Queen of Scots.. Guild Publ. London 1987. xvi,613 pages + plates. Original cloth. Dust jacket. (#213319)175:-
Gentz, F. Vie de Marie Stuart, reine d'Écosse.. Traduite de l'Allemand par M. Damaze de Raymond. Paris, Cabinet de lecture et librarie de Rosa 1813. Engraved portrait, title page and 3 plates. 294 pages. 12:mo. Contemporary full morocco. Rare. (#79365)1200:-
Gilpin, William Observations, relative chiefly to picturesque beauty, made in the year 1776, on several parts of Great Britain; particularly the high-lands of Scotland. Vol. I.. London, R. Blamire 1792. viii,x,221 pages + 23 plates. In contemporary green morocco. Stamped on back of title-page. Volume 1 only. (#210120)900:- (bild)
Graffman, C.S. Skottska vuer.. Tecknade efter Naturen under en resa i Skottland. Lithografierade af C.J. Billmark. Tryckte hos Gjöthström & Magnusson, Stockholm 1832-33. Graverad titel + 24 sidor text och 24 planscher samt subscriptionsförteckning. Folio. I ett nött klotryggsband. Inlagan lagerfläckad. De sista bladen lösa. plansch 2 med reva. Scottish views, lithographed by the famous C.J. Billmark. 24 pages text (in Swedish) and 24 lithographed plates in folio. Worn half cloth. Interior foxed. One plate torn 2 cm into the picture without loss of paper. Last leaves loose. (#213373)500:- (bild)
Herrmann, Richard Maria Stuart.. Drottning utan krona. Illustrerad. Sthlm 1994. 224 sidor. Original klotband. Skyddsomslag. (#73114)145:-
Lees, J. Cameron A History of the County of Inverness (Mainland).. Edinburgh and London 1897. xviii, 376 pages + 2 maps in pocket. Original cloth. Ex-library. (#131020)450:-
Lochhead, Marion The Scots Household in the Eighteenth Century.. A century of Scottish domestic and social life. Edinburgh 1948. 410 pages. Original cloth. No jacket. (#178181)150:-
Mackenzie, Agnes Mure, The Kingdom of Scotland. A Short History.. London 1957.. 428 pages + illustrations. Original cloth. Dust jacket frayed. (#206149)150:-
MacKenzie, David Farmer in the Western Isles.. With a Foreword by F. Fraser Darling. Illustr. London 1954. 208 pages + plates. Original cloth. (#128731)250:-
[MacPherson, James] Oisians sånger 1-2.. Efter gaeliska originalet och på dess vers-slag försvenskade samt med en historisk-critisk inledning och noter försedde af Nils Arfwidsson. Sthlm 1842-46. (4), 432, (2; musiknoter) + (2), 542 sidor. Något nötta, samtida, skinnryggsband. 2 volymer. Något fläckig inlaga. Ossians sånger. (#205045)800:-
Magnusson, Magnus Scotland.. The Story of a Nation. London 2000. xviii, 734 pages. Original cloth. Dust jacket. (#143684)250:-
McLaren, Moray The Scots.. Penguin 1951. 247 pages. Paperback. (#81406)100:-
Middlemas, Robert Keith The Clydesiders.. A Left Wing Struggle for Parliamentory Power. London 1965. 307 pages + plates. Original cloth. Dust jacket. (#93697)160:-
Nyman, Vald. S:t Colombas arvingar.. Den skotska episkopalkyrkan. H-fors 1951. 110 sidor + planscher. Häftad. (#113748)140:-
Prebble, John Culloden.. London 1961. 360 pages. Paperback. (#148725)100:-
Prebble, John Culloden. De skotska klanernas stora nederlag.. Sthlm 1991. 380 sidor. Originalklotband i skyddsomslag. (#75800)175:-
Prebble, John Mutiny.. Highland Regiments in Revolt 1743-1804. Penguin 1980. 542 pages. Paperback. Ex-library in very good condition. (#132145)90:-
Rönnquist, Ralf Historia och nationalitet.. Skotsk etno-territorialitet i ett historiskt perspektiv, Akad. avh. Lund 1990. 273 sidor. Häftad. (#133058)150:-
Scotland.. A Description of Scotland and Scottish Life. Edited by Henry W. Meikle. London 1950. XIV, 281 pages + plates. Original cloth. (#116030)125:-
Scottish Historical Documents.. Gordon Donaldson [ed.]. Edinburgh 1970. XI, 287 pages. Original cloth in dustjacket. (#75885)150:-
Sjölinder, Rolf Presbyterian Reunion in Scotland 1907-1921.. Its Background and Development. Diss. Uppsala 1962. 416 pages. Softcover. (#44443)165:-
Skene, William F. Celtic Scotland I-III.. A History of Ancient Alban. I. History and Ethnology. II. Land and People. III. Church and Culture. Second edition. Edinburgh 1886-87. xvii, 509 + xx, 512 + xv, 530 pages + maps. Original cloth. 3 volumes. (#149258)2000:-
Smout, T.C. A History of the Scottish People 1560-1830.. Fontana, London 1977. 540 pages + plates. Paperback. (#61092)100:-
Symon, J.A. Scottish Farming.. Past and Present. Edinburgh and London 1959. 476 pages. Original cloth. No jacket. Stamped. (#122705)165:-
Temperley, Alan a.o. Tales from the North Coast.. The Beautiful and Remote North Coast of Scotland from Melvich to Tongue. Foreword by James Scotland. Illustr. London 1977. 252 pages. Original cloth in dustjacket. (#130130)135:-
Tranter, Nigel Land of the Scots.. Illustr. London 1968. 224 pages. 4:o. Original cloth in dustjacket. (#113752)130:-
Wade, Newman Atkinson Post-Primary Education in the Primary Schools of Scotland 1872-1936.. Diss. London 1939. XVI, 275 pages. Softcover, back cover somewhat stained. Stamped. (#87189)250:-
Wormland, Jenny Court, Kirk, and Community.. Scotland 1470-1625. London 1981. viii, 216 pages. Paperback. The New History of Scotland 4. (#143675)100:-
Zweig, Stefan Maria Stuart.. Till svenska av Hugo Hultenberg. Sthlm 1935. 457 sidor. Halvfranskt band. (#211866)145:-
Zweig, Stefan Maria Stuart.. Till svenska av Hugo Hultenberg. Sthlm 1949. 457 sidor. Original klotband. (#182351)145:-
Zweig, Stefan Maria Stuart.. Till svenska av Hugo Hultenberg. Sthlm 1990. 457 sidor. Original pappband. (#103555)145:-
Åberg, Alf Klanernas krig.. Med Bonnie Prince Charlie i skotska högländerna. Sthlm 1963. 132 sidor + planscher & utvikbar karta. Original klotryggsband. Skyddsomslag. (#121711)130:-

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