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Ambolt, Nils Latitude and Longitude Determinations. in Eastern Turkistan and Northern Tibet derived from Astronomical Observations. With 74 illustrations, in the text, two maps and one table in pocket at end. Stockholm 1938. 143 ages 4:o. Soft covers. Stamped. Reports from the Scientific Expedition to the North-Western Provinces of China under the Leadership of dr. Sven Hedin. The Sino-Swedish Expedition. Publication 6. II. Geodesy 1. (#91766)400:-
Ancient Tibet.. Research Materials from The Yeshe De Project. Illustr. Berkeley, CA 1986. XII, 371 pages. Softcover. (#103945)150:-
Asklund, Bror Zur Geologie von Ost-Pamir.. Auf Grundlage der von Sven Hedin gesammelten Gesteinproben. Sth 1922. 56 pp + 10 plates and map. 4:o. Softcover. Sonderabdruck aus Southern Tibet IX. (#45544)250:-
Bernstein, Jeremy The Wildest Dreams of Kew.. A Profile of Nepal. Photographs by Claude Jaccoux. New York 1970. 186 pages. Original cloth. Dust jacket. (#139593)175:-
Bloomfield, Andrew & Tschering, Yanki Tibetan Phrasebook.. Ithaca, New York 1991. 144 pages. Softcover. (#103950)75:-
Borgström, Bengt-Erik The Patron and the Panca.. Village Values and Pancayat Democracy in Nepal. Diss. Sthlm 1976. 174 pages. Softcover. (#45309)160:-
Burrard, S.G. & Hayden, H.H. A Sketch of the Geography and Geology of the Himalaya Mountains and Tibet IV.. The Geology of the Himalaya. Reprint, Revised by Sidney Burrard and A.M. Heron. Delhi 1934. (8) + page 277-359 + (1), xxxii pages + plate xxxviii-lii. 4:o. Cloth. Pencil underlinings. Part IV only. (#104675)3000:-
Dahlström, Åsa Tiljander No Peace of Mind.. The Tibetan Diaspora in India. Illustr. Diss. Upps. 2001. 210 pages. Softcover. (#48241)175:-
Dalai Lama XIV Mitt land och mitt folk.. Sthlm 1963. 213 sidor + planscher. Originalklotband i skyddsomslag. (#74135)150:-
Dalai Lama XIV My Land and My People.. The Autobiography. Edited by David Howarth. London 1962. 253 pages + plates. Original cloth with dustjacket. (#150346)150:-
Das Tibetanische Totenbuch oder die Nachtod-Erfahrungen auf der Bardo-Stufe.. Nach der englischen Fassung des Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup herausgegeben von W.Y. Evans-Wentz. Walter-Verlag 1977. 335 pages. Soft covers. (#185555)170:-
Farrer, Reginald On the Eaves of the World I-II.. With illustrations and map. Second impression London 1926. xii,311 + viii,328 pages + plates and map. Original decorated cloth. 2 volumes. Ex libris. (#189413)700:-
Finckh, Elisabeth Foundations of Tibetan Medicine 1.. According to the Book rGyud bzi. London 1978. 103 pp + folding diagram. (#48848)150:-
Goldstein-Kyaga, Katrin The Tibetans - School for Survival or Submission.. An Investigation of Ethnicity and Education. Illustr. Diss. Sthlm 1993. 212 pages. Softcover. Pencil underlinings. (#103955)150:-
Hedin, Sven Tibetanska äfventyr.. Illustr. Sthlm 1904. 393 sidor + utvikbar karta. Dekorerat original klotband. (#41198)250:-
Hedin, Sven Transhimalaya I-III.. Upptäckter och äfventyr i Tibet. Rikhaltigt med kartor och andra illustrationer. Sthlm 1909-12. 668 + 596 + 591 sidor. Dekorerade originalklotband. 3 vol. Kartorna i vol. II loss. (#21607)1300:-
Herrmanns, Matthias Schamanen - Pseudoschamanen, Erlöser und Heilbringer 1-3.. Eine vergleichende Studie religiöser Urphänomene. 1: Schamanen. 2: Pseudoschamanen. 3: Erlöser und Heilbringer der tibeter. Wiesbaden 1970. XXII, 705 + IX, 346 + IX, 240 pages. Softcovers in dustjackets. (#102840)1600:-
History of Nepal.. Translated from Parbatiya by Munshi Shew Shunker Singh and Pandit Sri Gunanand. With an introductory sketch of the country and people of Nepal by the editor Daniel Wright. Calcutta 1958. xii, 208 pages. Original cloth. Dust jacket. Second edition. First published Cambridge 1877. (#63131)200:-
Hummel, Siegbert Geschichte der tibetischen Kunst.. Harrassowitz, Leipzig 1953. 123 pages + plates and maps. Original hard covers. No dust jacket. (#190582)200:-
Insight Guides: Nepal.. Produced and edited by Lisa Choegyal. Illustrated. Second ed. 1992. 370 pages. Soft covers. (#142030)140:-
Jisl, L., Sís, V. & Vanis, J. Tibetansk konst.. Illustrerad i färg och svart-vitt. Sthlm 1958. 34 sidor + 111 planscher. 4:o. Originalklotband i skyddsomslag. Gott skick. (#98056)175:-
Landor, A. Henry Savage, På förbjudna vägar.. Resor och äfventyr i Tibet. Med 116 illustrationer och en karta. Sthlm 1899. 404 sidor + karta. Dekorerat original klotband. (#172732)300:-
Leckie, Scott Destruction by Design.. Housing Rights Violations in Tibet. Illustr. Amsterdam 1994. 199 pages. Small 4:o. Softcover. (#103872)250:-
Lienhard, Siegfried (ed.) Songs of Nepal.. An Anthology of Nevar Folksongs and Hymns. University of Hawaii Press 1984. (5), 221 pages. Softcover. Inscribed by Siegfried L. Shortened and revised edition of Nevarigitimanjari. (#114009)150:-
Myers, Lucas Dolma Ling.. A Pilgrim's Progress Across the Himalayas. Illustr. New Delhi 1997. X, 202 pages. Softcover. (#103948)75:-
Norbu, Jamyang Warriors of Tibet.. The Story of Aten and the Khampas' Fight for the Freedom of Their Country. London 1986. 152 pages. Softcover. (#103862)120:-
Norbu, Thubten Jigme & Turnbull, Colin M. Tibet.. Its History, Religion, and People. Illustr. Penguin 1987. 361 pages. Paperback. (#103939)120:-
Norin, Erik Geological Explorations in Western Tibet.. Appendices by F. Heritsch, K. Metz and H. Frebold. Stockholm 1946. xii, 214 pages + one map, 22 plates and, in pocket, one diagram. 4:o. Soft covers. A few pencil and ink underlinings. Reports from the Scientific Expedition to the North-Western Provinces of China under the Leadership of Dr. Sven Hedin. The Sino-Swedish Expedition. Publication 29. III. Geology 7. (#91777)300:-
Pallis, Marco, Peaks and Lamas.. New York 1949. 397,xiii pages. Original cloth. Dust jacket. Some underlinings with blue pencil. (#172762)150:-
Regmi, D.R. Ancient Nepal.. Third edition. Calcutta 1969. xxiv, 364 pages + maps and plates. Orginal cloth in torn dustjacket. (#138948)200:-
Riboli, Diana Tunsurbian.. Shamanism in the Chepang of Southern and Central Nepal. Kathmandu 2000. 257 pages. Softcover. (#103099)250:-
Rizvi, Janet Ladakh.. Crossroads of High Asia. Delhi 1989. XII, 224 pages. Softcover. (#103966)110:-
Schmid, Toni Saviours of Mankind II.. Panchen Lamas and Former Incarnations of Amitayus. Apendix: Sven Hedin and Panchen Lama by Gösta Montell. Illustr. Stockholm 1964. 104 pages + plates. 4:o. Soft covers. Reports from the Scientific Expedition to the North-Western Provinces of China under the Leadership of dr. Sven Hedin. The Sino-Swedish Expedition. Publication 46. VIII. Ethnography 10. (#91769)500:-
Schram, Louis M.J. The Monguors of the Kansu-Tibetan Frontier I-III.. I: Their Origin, History, and Social Organization. With an Introduction by Owen Lattimore. II: Their Religious Life. III: Records of the Mongour Clans. History of the Mongours in Huangchung and the Chronicle of the Lu Family. Philadelphia 1954-61. 138; 164; 117 pages. 4:o. The three parts bound with wrappers in one full cloth volume. Very fine copy. (#64546)2500:-
Simonsson, Nils Indo-tibetische Studien I.. Die Methoden der tibetischen Übersetzer, untersucht im Hinblick auf die Bedeutung ihrer Übersetzungen für die Sanskritphilologie. Diss. Upps. 1957. 291 pages + plate. Softcover. (#41553)200:-
Singh, Madanjeet Himalayan Art.. Wall-Painting and Sculpture in Ladakh, Lahaul and Spiti, the Siwalik Ranges, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. Illustr. 1970. 288 pages. Soft covers. (#65044)135:-
Subba, Tanka B. Flight and Adaption.. Tibetan Refugees in the Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya. New Delhi 1990. XVI, 169 pages. Softcover. (#103957)140:-
Suyin, Han Lhasa, de öppna staden.. En resa i Tibet. Sthlm 1978. 178 sidor. Förlagsband med skyddsomslag. (#173078)125:-
Tenzing Son av Mount Everest.. En självbiografi skriven i samarbete med James Ramsey Ullman. Sthlm 1955. 256 sidor. Häftad. (#125900)145:-
The Gazetteer of Sikhim.. Reprint. Delhi 1972 of the original edition Calcutta 1894. xvi, xxii, 394 pages + plates. 4:o. Original cloth in repaired dustjacket. Printed in 1000 copies. Bibliotheca Himalayica I:8. (#70619)600:-
Tibet.. Proving Truths from Facts. Dharamsala 1994. 116 pages. Softcover. (#103913)100:-
Tibet and the Chinese People's Republic.. A Report to the International Commission of Jurists by Its Legal Inquiry Committee on Tibet. Geneva 1960. XIII, 340 pages. Softcover. (#163062)125:-
Tremore e potere.. La condizione estatica nello sciamanismo himalayano. (By) Romano Mastromattei, Martino Nicoletti, Diana Riboli, Cristina Sani. Illustr. Milano 1995. 271 pages. Softcover. Signed by Mastromattei and Nicoletti. (#102715)200:-
Ungerholm, Stellan Vi nådde Nun Kun.. En svensk Himalajaexpedition. Sthlm 1978. 218 sidor + illustrationer. Original klotband. Skyddsomslag. (#125891)150:-
Ungerholm, Stellan Vi nådde Nun Kun.. En svensk Himalajaexpedition. Sthlm 1978. 218 sidor + illustrationer. Original klotband. Skyddsomslag. Stämpl. (#142205)130:-
Watkins, Joanne C. Spirited Women.. Gender, Religion, and Cultural Identity in the Nepal Himalaya. Illustr. New York 1996. XIII, 347 pages. Softcover. (#103888)125:-

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