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Armstrong, Elizabeth H. The Crisis of Quebec 1914-18.. Diss. New York 1937. XIII, 270 pages. Softcover. Stamped. (#95334)175:-
Ballantyne, Robert Michael Hudson Bay,. or, Everyday Life in North America. London, Thomas Nelson and Sons no date (inscription dated 1907). 202 pages + plates. Worn original cloth. Front hinge very weak. (#163767)110:-
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Cahall, Raymond Du Bois The Sovereign Council of New France.. A Study in Canadian Constitutional History. Diss. New York 1915. 274 pages. Softcover. Stamped. (#87683)140:-
Canadian Federation at the Crossroads.. The Search for a Federal-Province Balance. By Thomas Courchene Vancouver 1978. 361 pages. Softcover. (#88561)150:-
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Collie, Michael New Brunswick.. Illustr. Toronto 1974. XXIII, 148 pages. Hardcover in dustjacket. (#61284)175:-
de Volpi, Charles P. Nova Scotia.. A Pictoral Record. Historical Prints and Illustrations of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. 1605-1878. 1974. XII, 11 pages + 160 plates. 4:o. Original cloth in dustjacket with one-inch tear. (#61287)300:-
Dickson, Lovat Wilderness Man.. The Strange Story of Grey Owl. London 1976. 279 pages + plates. Softcover. (#143765)150:-
Garrett, Richard General Wolfe.. London 1975. 230 pages + plates. Original cloth. Dust jacket. (#147126)140:-
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Gunnarson, Karl Som emigrant i Kanada.. Sthlm 1930. 256 sidor. Original klotryggsband med bevarade omslag. (#163753)110:-
Hett, Francis Paget Georgina.. A Type Study of Early Settlement and Church Building in Upper Canada. Illustrated. Toronto 1939. 144 pages. Original half cloth. (#61431)200:-
Homer, A.N., The Imperial Highway.. Illustrated. London, Joseph Causton no date (c. 1910). 118 pages + advertisments. 4:o. Original red cloth. Very fine copy. (#205655)650:-
Hutchinson, Bruce Canada.. Tomorrow's Giant. Toronto 1957. 325, vii pages. Original cloth. Dust jacket slightly damaged. (#105932)150:-
Hutchison, Bruce The Struggle for the Border.. Maps by James MacDonald. Toronto 1955. X, 500 pages. Original cloth. (#122867)150:-
Jordan, Wendy Adler By the Light of the Qulliq.. Eskimo Life in the Canadian Arctic. Illustr. The Smithsonian 1979. 44 pages. Staple bound. (#110522)100:-
Le Beau, C. Geschichte des Herrn C. Le Beau, ... Oder Merckwürdige und neue Reise zu denen Wilden des Nordlichen Theils von America.. Aus dem Französischen übersetzt von Wilhelm Ernst Burchard Roslern. Erfurt, Jungnicol 1752. 3-319,(1) + 363,(5) pages. 8:vo. Old paper boards. Book-plate Christian Hammer. All the engraved plates and the map are missing. Only the text! Half-title missing. (#208710)2000:- (bild)
Liljegren, S.B. Canadian History and Thomas Chandler Haliburton I-III.. Some Notes on Sam Slick (With an Appendix). Uppsala 1969-70. 68 + 58 + 40 pages. Softcovers. 3 parts. (#47729)200:-
Liljegren, S.B. Canadian Studies in Sweden.. Uppsala 1961. 40 pages. Soft covers. (#47726)120:-
Macdonald, Helen G., Canadian Public Opinion on the American Civil War.. Dissertation, New York 1926. 239 pages. Soft covers. Small stamp on front cover. First edition. (#205823)150:-
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Mahant, Edelgard E. & Mount, Graeme S. An Introduction to Canadian-American Relations.. Second edition. Ontario 1989. 366 pages. Soft covers. Inscribed by Mount. (#91643)160:-
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McNaught, Kenneth A Prophet in Politics. A Biography of J.S. Woodsworth.. University of Toronto Press 1960. 339 pages. Original cloth. Dust jacket. First reprint. (#199926)150:-
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Newfoundland Discovered.. English Attempts at Colonization, 1610-1630. Edited by Gillian T. Cell. London 1982. XVIII, 310 pages + plates and maps. Original cloth. The Hakluyt Society. (#189644)175:-
Newfoundland Discovered.. English Attempts at Colonization, 1610-1630. Edited by Gillian T. Cell. London 1982. XVIII, 310 pages + plates and maps. Original cloth. Dust jacket. The Hakluyt Society. (#189664)200:-
Newfoundland Discovered.. English Attempts at Colonization, 1610-1630. Edited by Gillian T. Cell. London 1982. XVIII, 310 pages + plates and maps. Original cloth. Stamped. The Hakluyt Society. (#80415)175:-
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[Rutherford, W.H.] The Industrial Worker in Ontario.. Diss. Toronto 1914. 123 pages. Stiff, printed wrappers. Stamped. (#109619)125:-
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Thibeau, Patrick Wilfrid Education i Novia Scotia Before 1811.. Diss. Washington 1929. 120 pages. Softcover. Stamped. (#140853)225:-
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Whitelaw, William Menzies The Maritimes and Canada before Confederation.. Diss. Toronto 1934. Frontispiece, XIV, 328 pages + loose folding map. Softcover. Stamped. Very good condition. (#77757)300:-

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